Thanks again for the additional thoughts. The galaxy metaphor is strong. It applies to each singular entity—radiating, centered and yet gravitational, do varying degrees.

As for money and God, they exist for a reason, as part of a continuum. The point is that they've flipped from enabling to disabling, from an evolutionary standpoint now, which is why they, too, need to evolve.

Equilibrium, taken on a macro-level, is an absolute, whether or not we attempt to sway it. The real question (challenge) becomes A: whether or not we understand this; B: whether or not we understand how our bodies, relationships and societal structures are achieving it (healthfully or unhealthfully), and C: whether we wish to act in a manner that acheives a desirable equilibrium, rather than an undesirable one. Because it's happening regardless.

The trick with human existence, in my view, is better listening. The cues are all there. We just need to learn to see/hear them.

If we did that, we'd be in far better shape, with fewer undesirable side effects of the version of equilibrium that we've wrought.

Newtonian physics holds; but they apply to human emotions, as well, which was beyond his scope. Need to look at monks for that.

American culture is indeed another issue. Going to leave that one alone for now, thought it's front row seats for watching things unfold in real time.


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