Great quote, Andrew, and thank you for the feedback.

This is a complex subject, and every now and then I write about a different facet of it. There's much to say.

To your point, of course there is human beauty, kindness, repair, advancement and solutions for much of our damage. The Yellowstone reintroduction of the wolf is just one. Musk's hell-bent mission to save us from ourselves is another. He's our Don Quixote, but less crazy.

With that said, on balance, taken as a whole, the human race has irreversibly altered the planet in exchange for short-term gains, and now we have to lie in the bed we've made. It is utterly problematic.

Our numbers are actually easily accommodated on a small fraction of the Earth. It's a matter of our extractive mentality: capitalism. It's only been 200 years since Adam Smith concocted it and the Industrial Revolutions powered it; and it's in this time that the overwhelming majority of damage we wrought came to be, to planet and body alike.

My sadness is primarily for my children. They'll never know a slow world—one in which the profit motive doesn't drive every interaction and action, self-consciously.

To your point about Man: no invention is inherently good or bad. I agree. What matters is what we do with it. Our acts are what will move us toward or away from Koyanisqaatsi...


Architect | Photographer | Writer | Philosopher | Polyglot | Windmill Jouster | Nomade Civilisée

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