So much to chew on in your response. Thanks for writing it. In my view, we are not far apart in our perceptions.

Nearly every system we created—politics, policing, education, health, economics, media, business—is largely broken, or outmoded; but the good news is that better ones are being incubated, or gaining traction, everywhere.

With regard to capitalism, it is a total zero-sum game, as you say, and needs replacing. Even communist and socialist systems practice capitalism. Some of these work better than others. However, we do need to eliminate the win-lose drives that collectively move humankind downward rather than upward.

The end game of reduction is that at some point, there's nothing left.

Of course, there are infinite sources, as you say. These are the things we need to incubate.

Non-zero sum is possible in all areas of human activity. If we recognize that everything man-made is pure fiction, we can change the rules, then make and share as much of it as we wish to. We have simply chosen to play a finite game with one another. We could just as easily play an infinite one.

There are existing Game B—or "infinite value"-based—alternatives, like Spain's Mondragon collective, famously; as well as others being discussed and incubated, like Jordan Hall's Civium Project (with John Vervaeke and Jim Rutt).

The thinking all traces back, in my view, to James Carse's brilliant book on Finite and Infinite Games, which I just re-read months back.

As it continues to dawn on us that our systems are broken—we can thank COVID-19 for waking more of us up—and that there is but one planet in a closed loop, in which every human is connected by an environment, pathogens, and man-made social, technological and economic systems, we will be forced—thankfully—to replace it all with the things that will ensure we continue to survive as a species.

I believe it will resolve, and though we nearly destroyed all of it, 2020—the great awakening—will be remembered as the pivotal year when we finally began investing in our own survival.

So, yes; the dam is about to burst. Solar is part of it. But it goes far beyond that into other infinite systems, of all kinds.



Architect | Photographer | Writer | Philosopher | Polyglot | Windmill Jouster | Nomade Civilisée

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