Now there are some things you and I see eye to eye on: scale (vs. nimbleness/responsiveness to "localized" truths on the ground); alternative models of vested laborers (like Mondragón, in Spain—75 years strong, even though recently not so much); Stalin; safety nets; and smarter economic structures.

The only thing I'll add here is that Law is a problem for me; as is law enforcement in general. They are both borne out of deep mistrust, which kills any aspiring relationship, let alone social structure. Not to suggest we all need to live in Dunbar-sized communities, but guys like Jordan Hall and John Vervaeke are onto something with Civium. Of course, like Mondragón, IP is held "in commons".

The Commons is a model that could be adapted to anything we do today, without requiring any retraining, etc. The only thing that would "perish" is our global economic system, which would, in my view, constitute "evolution."

Anyhow, thanks again for all the great thoughts.


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