Thanks for your thoughtful response. I appreciate your point of view, and in fact agree with much of it, and plan to leave it posted, for others' consideration.

It seems I appeat to be lionizing one party and pillorying the other, when in fact the larger arc was to point out—as others have—the tendency by the vast majority of Americans to adhere relentlessly along party lines, when in fact it is often self-defeating.

That, and that one group continually sways the vote, in spite of the white majority (its voting history is simply fact) in line with values that I DO—subjectively—believe to be in the larger interest of a democratic nation. Namely, those that protects its people, as enacted by Roosevelt, Johnson and others.

That everyone who benefits from any of those policies owes a debt of gratitude most may not realize is there to be paid; because until you unpack how people vote, it's not visible.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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