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Architect | Photographer | Writer | Polyglot | Windmill Jouster | Nomade Civilisée.

We are each made of three distinct parts. Nearly all of us work on—and with—just one of these, to secure a quality life. The majority either don’t know about—or even believe in—the other two, in spite of the fact that harnessing them is key to our wellbeing. This is a story about those other selves.

Our three selves © Anthony Fieldman 2004

The idea that an unconscious mind exists at all — let alone alongside, totally hidden from and unconnected to our conscious mind — has been long theorized, but only recently proven to exist.

We now know that not only does it exist; among other things in his excellent book Subliminal…

A brief tale about our roots, where things went wrong, our current awakening, how we can fix absolutely everything, if we can find the courage to rise to the challenge, and what that future might look like.

Kara Tribespeople, staring at the author-photographer. © Anthony Fieldman 2018

Edenic Origins

For most of human history, people lived in close-knit communities of 150 or so related families. They hunted, gathered and reproduced prodigiously, relying on cooperation for all of it in order to thrive together in a hostile world. …

Human-on-human atrocities, while horrific, are likely far more common than we generally let ourselves believe they are. We tell ourselves that humans are intrinsically good, and that bad things occasionally interrupt this foundational equilibrium. But the numbers tell a different story.

Hmong mother and child, N. Vietnam © Anthony Fieldman 2015

“My grandmother told me some of the young girls would throw babies in the furnace.”

Those are the words of Chief Fred Robbins of Canada’s Esk’etemc First Nation. He was one of the last pupils at St. Joseph’s Mission, one of 150 “Indian residential schools” operated by the clergy and…

The root of patriotism is the belief that one is part of something better than the alternative; and that this confers not only prestige but a sort of pre-determined ascendency among a chosen few. This kind of sanctimonious thinking is the kind of toxic narrative that leads to the justification of wars between patriots of a different color.

Emanuel Leutze’s “Washington Crossing the Delaware.” © Anthony Fieldman 2021

As I read the latest vitriol that dominates the news these days, and the acts about which it purports to write ‘objectively’, I couldn’t help but wonder how on Earth America plummeted so quickly from a nation of largely respectful, can-do, pluralistic, tired-poor-huddled-mass-welcoming, love-thy-neighbor believers into a nation of caustic…

Are we living in a simulation? Are we avatars for other game players? Is consciousness something we simply create, so that our qualia — that is, individual instances of subjective, conscious experience — can prove that we are, in fact, merely solipsists?

A still showing the ‘world controllers’ generating the societal simulation, in 2020’s Brave New World.

Brave New World. The Matrix. The Truman Show. Inception. Source Code. And the latest dystopia I’ve seen: Archive. They all trade on the same group of basic structures: the idea that we do not exist, and moreover, may never have; that we are but algorithms; that we are mere vestiges…

Marcel Proust’s genius is as widely shared as it is misquoted. One of my favorite observations — of his, or anyone’s — relates to “beholding the universe through the eyes of another” in an act that combines empathy, presence, connection and creativity, all at once. Here’s the story, and why it matters.

New eyes in Daassanach Territory, Omo Valley, Ethiopia. © Anthony Fieldman 2018

The full quote, from Remembrance of Things Past, goes:

“The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess new eyes; to behold the universe through the eyes of another — of a hundred others — to behold…

Slaughtered Native Americans. Stolen and enslaved Africans. DDT-soaked Mexicans. Interred Japanese Americans. Rejected, Nazi-fleeing European Jews. Euthanized “imbeciles” and “defectives”. Compulsorily sterilized inmates, women, poor, disabled, and minorities. All of it encoded into Law, among countless other initiatives, and enacted over centuries. The United States is a nation founded on — and defined by — racism, and its citizens are still deeply entrenched in its practice.

“Manifesting God’s Destiny”: The Gnadenhutten Massacre, 1782

Manifest Destiny was the early settlers’ idea that God himself favored the culturally and racially superior “White” Americans, which demanded that they subdue, convert and/or dispatch “savages” of all other colors and creeds, then take their rightful place as overlords of the world, and the people in it.

Historian David…

Drastically dissimilar reactions to COVID-19 have played out in the cities where I’ve split my past year. One reflects the little-known Precautionary Principle; the other Epistemic Optimism. The results have been disastrous, or life-saving, depending on where you live.

New York Rising. © Anthony Fieldman 2017

Wikipedia defines the Precautionary Principle as “a broad epistemological, philosophical and legal approach to [ideas] with potential for causing harm when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking. It emphasizes caution, pausing and review before leaping into new [behaviors] that may prove disastrous. …

After a year spent traveling regularly between several cities in two nations, I have concluded that regulatory OVERreactions are likely to be far more costly in the long run than the deaths borne by those who avoided shutting their economies down, wholesale. Here’s why.

JFK Airport on March 7, 2020. Image: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

I have spent the entire pandemic traveling more than most, taking planes, trains and automobiles nearly every other week without fail since it began, ostensibly so that I could continue to be both “dad” and “husband” undiminished within a family split by national borders. …

It is impossible to encapsulate a year’s worth of discovery into a single, neat list. Regardless, here are 100 insights that emerged from an intense period of exploration, discourse and distillation. It is my coda to an incredibly illuminating year.

The author © Anthony Fieldman
  1. In a year, the world can change, within and without. Just look at the one we went through. As Gandhi said, “Live as though you will die tomorrow; learn as though you will live forever.”
  2. We don’t run out of things to say, provided we listen closely enough to our…

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