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It started out as a punch line, when our ten-year old daughter called us out for a petty argument. It became a mantra, once we realized the power it held to help us overcome our baser insecurities.

The author being ‘branded’ © Anthony Fieldman 2021

Out of the blue one day while driving with my wife Deb and our younger daughter, my mind turned randomly to oxygen. As a scuba diver, I suddenly blurted out—naively—that the cost to fill a tank must be the reason that the sport is so expensive, since it’s the only…

One major factor driving COVID’s deadliness has been staring us in the face since the outset. Few have been willing to name or report it. Fewer still have paid attention to those who did. If we continue to ignore it, things will only get worse.

At MoMA © Anthony Fieldman 2021

Hippocrates—the “Father of Medicine”—literally founded the practice, including the use of prognosis, clinical observation and the systematic categorization of diseases. He famously observed—correctly—that “Everything in excess is opposed to nature.”

With his insight, he was pointing us toward one of Nature’s two most enduring features: that its closed-loop, zero-waste, efficiency-driven…

Origin stories are the seeds of worldviews, which in turn guide our acts. The old stories that sustained us for millennia have been forcibly silenced by one that has brought us to the brink of global destruction in just a few generations. It’s not too late to relearn the old story, while we can.

Grandeur © Anthony Fieldman 2018

Not a day goes by that I don’t ask myself how we got here. How we inherited a world of limitless, self-perpetuating bounty so big and complex that we still barely understand it; and yet, somehow, we have managed to mortally squander our inheritance, nonetheless.

Medical intervention provides us with…

Science and Society differ on the metrics they use to arrive at a verdict. Regardless, by several benchmarks, the pandemic is indeed over. Here’s why.

What pandemic? Anti-vaxx demonstration, NYC © Anthony Fieldman 2021

Something I read recently resonated deeply—about the subject on everyone’s mind: When will this pandemic finally be over?!

That article, in the The Atlantic, offered the following viewpoint:

“Scientists have their own way of deciding that a pandemic is over. But one useful social-scientific marker is when people have gotten…

There are three non-simultaneous states of consciousness: being, relating and projecting. We misunderstand all three, and would benefit from a recalibration of time spent in each one.

The author, last month © Jonni Super 2021

Following a particularly powerful meditation this morning, a new thought dawned on me: that there are three distinct states of consciousness in which we live our lives. They are being, relating and projecting.

Rules apply.

  1. We can only access one state at a time.
  2. Each state serves a different purpose…

There are choices in everything we do. Though the sum of the choices we make largely defines us, our ability to make good ones has diminished greatly amid a confusing and increasingly polarized public.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

We employ notes, tattoos, posters, books, therapists, friends, marginalia, memes, coursework, magnets and mantras—all so as not to forget important, yet often fleeting, lessons.

We do this because it is one thing to know something, yet another thing entirely to remember, practice and embody it. Doing the right thing is…

Real farms have all but vanished, while just 10 conglomerates produce nearly everything you eat. This is one case in which ignorance can literally kill you.

A barn I photographed last winter, which has since collapsed © Anthony Fieldman 2020

As we did just yesterday, every winter weekend that I’m not in NYC, my family and I drive North from Toronto, through Ontario’s so-called “Greenbelt”—a protected swath of agricultural farmland—to ski. …

If the “office” is dying (it is), what will replace it? And what will we do with all that empty space?

DEST Co-Working Community © Hans Weber 2021

Just a week ago, I wrote a piece for Index called The Future of Work to illustrate that full-time employment as we know it is on the way out, and that self-directed, networked, values-driven entrepreneurialism is quickly replacing it. In it, I shared that 94% of all new U.S. jobs…

The value of a life isn’t measured in grand plans or acclaim. It lies in the countless unremarkable acts whose energies influence those around us, and which collectively—eventually—change the world.

Deb and the Dassenach © Anthony Fieldman 2018

One hundred billion humans have come and gone. For every Aristotle or Einstein, there have been countless others whose names and deeds died with them. Nearly no one outlasts their contemporaneity.

We are here for a moment, then swallowed by time.

Of course, it doesn’t feel that way. Our pains…

Anthony Fieldman

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